Greetings from the South Coast!!

Hello there.

Just purchased my first MX5 last week. Previous summer cars, SLK x2 and TT however the MX5 looks to be to the most fun.

Spent a fun morning cleaning the hood…

Hope to see some you you guys out and about 

Welcome to the forum, See you at firle place with the other members, the south downs region has a lot going on in 2020, so much so we will be joining you from the solent region…

Hello and welcome to the forum, enjoy your MX-5

Hi and welcome

Looking forward to hearing that you consider the MX5 vastly superior to the SLK and TT.

Keep a close eye on the oil level on this car, important to keep up to max level and buy a newer style dipstick from MX5parts if you still have the older style one that is difficult to read.