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I’m looking at getting an 2.0 184 RF GT Sport Nav + spec 2019 (probably 19, maybe 69 plate) model and i’ve found a few but i can’t find the actual details of what the spec should be as there seems to be a few variations on the ones for sale.
Can someone please let me know what the actual spec differences are as some seem to vary a bit with a few reviews mentioning boot spoiler etc and others not!

If you go onto Mazda UK the brochures are available to download.
Boot spoiler can be added, it just sticks on. Could be something you could request in negotiations.

I have the 2018 soft top in this spec and can hopefully answer any questions.

Mine has the spoiler but I think this was not included on the 2019 model.

Cheers for the info, ive pinged you a message Ken.

The spoiler had me slightly confused but if it was an option then that would make sense.
The problem i had was that i couldn’t find anything specific and the Mazda site seemed to only offer me current brochures that some reviews seemed to indicate were different specs.
It seems like the reversing cam, city braking F/R and cross traffic are the main things. 2019 seems to be when the i-stop and eloop were standard. Kick plates aswell?
It’s a shame they didn’t put a GT logo on!
My main reason was to identify a potential older car that was registered late and maqsuerading as a GT.


Should say on the is my car mot d site, mine does as I had the same doubts and checked everyone I looked at

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The GT Sport Nav+ was introduced in late 2018, which my car is.

The best features are the bose stereo which you can actually here properly with the roof down, and the adaptive led headlights.

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Adaptive led headlights - I never want to drive another car without them. Coming back on the A10 late at night last week from Norfolk, I was almost the only car on it and it was lit up like daylight!


Having had a look at the brochure kindly supplied by Ken as far as i can see the Sport Nav + with the optional Safety Pack is the same as the GT Sport Nav + except for the stainless scuff plates and red nappa leather interior?


Agree the adaptive led headlight system is superb. Love a night drive!
Seats are stone leather, on my '69 plate.

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Pretty much. I bought a 19 plate Sport Nav+ with the Safety Pack and looked into it all at the time. As you say, the only differences seem to be the colour of the leather and the scuff plates, which are an easy addition and do improve the look of the interior IMO.

The rear cross traffic alert/blind spot monitoring is incredibly useful, especially in an RF, and I emphatically agree that the Adaptive LED headlights are a revelation. My OH has a Mazda 6 with the Adaptive Front Lighting system and whilst it’s a novelty watching those swivel with the steering wheel the increase in available light with ALH in my RF is astonishing.

I think the GT at the time included the boot spoiler, but I’m not certain. The Sport Black did, which was based on the Sport Nav+ without the safety pack and only came in Eternal Blue Mica or another similar blue.

EDIT: I think the GT Sport Nav had BBS alloys as well, instead of the standard Mazda “Bright” alloys.

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My RF GT has bbs alloys, red napper leather, scuff plates but no boot spoiler. Registered Feb 2020

My GT Sport Nav+ late 2018 has the boot spoiler.

This is AutoExpress from 2018…

The MX-5 have increased standard safety equipment across the board. Mazda has added a host of new i-ACTIVESENSE safety features; Sport Nav+ cars and above now feature Front Smart City Brake Support, Lane Departure Warning System, Rear Smart City Brake Support, Traffic Sign Recognition and Driver Attention Alert, while Blind Spot Monitoring System with Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Adaptive LED headlights and a reversing camera are standard on GT Sport Nav+ and optional as a safety pack on Sport Nav+.

We got our GT Sport Nav+ in April 2019. It is a September 2018 ND2 RF and was a local dealer demonstrator. It also came with the black boot spoiler but no idea if this was an extra or standard.

These are the spec pages from the brochure at the time we got the car.


My GT Sport Nav + purchased new in October 2019 “off the showroom floor” does not have a spoiler.

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Having a quick look at the spec list above unless I’m mistaken, the only thing I can see to properly identify them is the seats. Stone for a convertible napper for the rf.

Should have added a gt badge for sure

GT badge would have made things a bit easier! Maybe also the gearbox revision number?



My seats are “Stone”

This is the Nappa (brown) leather in our RF

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Cheers for the info and the pics. I went to look at one today and having had a browse through the user manual i’m slightly confused. The manual shows a BSM disable and TPMS set button in the same cluster as the I-Stop, LDW Off and TCS Off. Neither the BSM or TPMS have buttons on this one. From the dealer vid, the BSM warning light shows up on ignition. This is a 68 plate registered in Feb 19 and appears to have the GT Sport Nav + spec but i have seen some listed that are list as GT… but aren’t. Has there been some updates since the initial release for 2019?

Yes, and even the manuals aren’t much help (especially with TPMS).

Mazda moved to direct sensing TPMS from speed/ABS sensor based TPMS at some point and removed the TPMS button when they did as it was no longer required.

Mazda do not make this change particularly clear in the manuals that come with the car nor in the online versions. My Sport Nav+ (with Safety Pack) was registered in Apr 19 and does not have the TPMS button yet both the supplied manual and relevant online version still refer to it and make reference only to models with run flat tyres having direct sensing TPMS.

The iStop on/off, LDWS on/off and TSC on/off buttons definitely are but off the top of my head I can’t remember if the BSM button is present. Options for it are in the infotainment system menus. Easiest way to check if it’s fitted to the car is to look for the icon in the door mirrors, it’s visible even when not illuminated.