Handbrake adjustment Mk3 NC

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    Guys is the handbrake adjustment on the Mk3 in the cabin ?
    Cheers .

It is but I’ve never adjusted it there. Having had the brakes stripped many times the hand brake is self adjusting, unlike the Mk1/Mk2.
Of course if you need to then yes in the cabin, prise the gaiter off and there it is.

Mick I think the position is fine as it is but the extremely fussy MOT tester mentioned it …

I don’t think it’s an advisory and I can’t check if it is till the computer system updates.

For those who don’t know we no longer get a paper MOT certificate it’s all online now. Which is plain stupid …

It’s changed since the end of March then, I took my other car and they gave me printed proof.
There are folk out there without a computer, even internet, my neighbour for one, a reminder card would do I suppose for folk like that.


I got one in April maybe because you can now print your own maybe some garages aren’t issuing them.

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I think it’s a Covid precaution, keeping down the amount of paper that’s been handled. You can always go on line and print off as many as you like.

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Usually the cabin adjustment is the last thing you would do. As the pads wear and the adjustment compensates the leverage of the operating arms at the back decreases. If the handbrake is then adjusted up at the front the effectiveness of the brake is poor and there is more tendency for sticking or binding.
I believe.

Pads and discs are new. Less than 500 miles.

MOT tester said it needed slight adjustment and the adjuster was inside the car.

He wasn’t the happiest of fellas so I didn’t bother to ask exactly where the adjuster is.

Are you saying there is adjustment on the calliper ?

I was a bit surprised I had to adjust the handbrake cable on my car after fitting new discs and pads. It’s not normally needed. There’s no adjustment at the calipers - only on the cable. The new brakes rubbed a little too much and the handbrake travel was very short. It’s very easy. Unclip/lift up the handbrake gaiter and the adjusting nut is visible. I loosened it a couple of turns and job was done. A deep 10mm socket makes the job really easy.

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I’ve set the handbrake at 4 clicks 5 if pulled hard.

Does that sound about right guys ???


Put the car on a flat, hard, level surface, handbrake off, Gbox in neutral. Push it. Does it roll easy? Job done. If it doesn’t and/or comes to a sticky halt then the brakes aren’t releasing enough.

Nothing to do with adjusting the hand brake,

But every time I got into the car after my wife had driven it I was struggling to release the hand brake so after accusing her of having massive man biceps she explained that her driving instructor had told her to press hard on the brake pedal before pulling on the hand brake which allows the hand brake to be put on tighter then press down hard on the pedal to release.

My instructor never told me.

So the child that still lives in me loves doing this to the work van’s watching grown men struggling to release the hand brake.:slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m adjusting it to give more brake. Pre MOT suggests it needed adjusting as the lever was coming too high.
It was coming up 5 up to 6 if pulled hard.

If I’m honest I thought it was fine but I’ve adjusted it by one click so it’s now 4 up to 5 if pulled hard.

As it was it worked fine. Brake held on a hill no problem and no drag… But the fussy and I do mean fussy tester said it needed adjusting,

So the minor adjustment is to appease the tester. I wouldn’t have bothered .

I’m 95% sure there is no drag. I have an infra red surface temperature gauge so will check it’s not getting hot. :+1::+1:

I just wondered if the amount of clicks was about right.

4 clicks sounds good, but MoT testers check for dragging brakes by turning the wheels by hand, not by rolling the car along. I’d use the ‘MoT’ method.


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I’m taking a ratchet with a 10mm deep socket with me when I go for the test anyway. The adjustment is about as simple as it can get.

But it’s nice to get it right before.

I suppose I could just wind it up a bit then back it off after the test.