Handbrake handle removal?

I’m going to buy the brushed aluminium handbrake cable from Jass: https://www.jassperformance.com/shop/mazda-mx5/By%20Model/MK3/handbrake_handle

Has anyone bought this, how well does it fit and function?

Also, more importantly, how does the standard handle come off?

I fitted one from Mx5parts, the original ones just twists and pulls off. I say that but a little more effort is required, mine was b***** tight but got it off eventually. The new one was equally tight to put on.

Ah I thought as much - I’ve tried to twist it off before with no luck, guess I’ll have to try a little harder! :joy:

Probably advantageous with the cold weather to apply a little heat to expand the grip/handle, same with the new one before pushing in on. I found a grippy rubber glove helped and a good deal of cursing comes in handy too.:roll_eyes:
The push button release twists off too but that’s threaded, normal RH thread.

Right on, I’ll crack the hairdryer out!

So you have the hairdresser tools?:grin:



I find heat guns can often be too hot and cause damage, a hairdryer brings the temperature up more gradually!

Stolen from my Mrs :wink:

I have done this and concur with MickA, warm it and twist it off. Btw im a MK2 but imagine it’s probably the same.