Handbrake sleeve replacement help please

  1. My model of MX-5 is: Mk 3.75 Venture Sport 1.8
  2. I’m based near: East Grinstead
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: Replacement of the leather handbrake sleeve

Can anyone please help me find out how to remove the existing handbrake sleeve (just the condom bit) so that I can replace with a new matching one I bought with my new gaiters from JF Customs? Gaiters are done by the way. It seems to be glued on? I was considering cutting it off but that worries me.

Thank you

Pull it upwards from around the base (it’s clipped to the centre console so needs a bit of a tug) then just slide it off the lever.

If you mean this below, it pulls off. Not quite as simple as that, twist it, pull it towards the dash it should give way eventually, it’s not glued. Plenty of Weetabix and a strong grip is in order.

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Ah, sleeve not gaiter…

I have just a thin tubular leather sleeve so even if I get the whole handle off (which I rather not) I still need to get the sleeve off :thinking:

That picture above is said sleeve. It leaves a skeleton handbrake lever to which you slide the replacement sleeve onto.

Thanks for your help chaps. Now I’m confused. This is what I have …

Looks like that’s designed to just slip over the existing sleeve (grip).

Yes as Robbie says that’s just a decorative slip over jobbie. Hope you didn’t take the original off as per my post earlier :thinking:

I thought you had something like this below which definitely does go over the handbrake lever but needs the original taking off.

Lol. I have tried pulling anything out. It won’t fit over either. This is my existing one. Almost the same but the existing one is fake leather.