Handbrake wont hold after new rear pads.

As the title sugests the handbrake was fine untill i fitted new pads, now it wont hold on steep inclines. I have checked and reset the pad clearance and i dont think i have a sticky caliper. Any ideas quick because the MOT is due. Could it be just that the pads are not bedded in yet?


Thanks Gary.

Assuming they are correctly adjusted (caliper then cable) then I’d suspect it’s a bedding in issue.


Quite likely especially if the discs have ridges worn in them as the contact area will be tiny at the moment. Run around dragging the handbrake a bit but be careful not to overheat them.

This often works:

1.With the engine off, chock the wheels and release the handbrake.

2.Pump the footbrake VERY HARD 100 times.

The handbrake is (sort of) self adjusting and this often turns it from totally useless to fairly reasonable. I had to do it before every MoT.

Thanks for the replys. I have got a few miles on the car today and tried to use the brakes quite hard. It does hold slightly better but i have to pull the lever to the max which i didnt before.

Have you adjusted the caliper. If you go under the car, on a lift is best. on the inside of the calipers there is two nuts, the one on axcle side take out and behind is an allen key nut. with the hand brake off  screw in fully or untill the wheel will not turn, then take off a quarter of a turn. do this on both calipers you should then have a hand brake that will pass an MOT. If you want to adjust the hand brake travel this is done by the hand brake itself there is a screw on the end of the cable, screw this untill you have the travel you like…


Yes mate i backed the piston off to fit the pads, reset it after, then checked again when i found it wouldnt hold.

Just to update the Thread. I backed the pads off all the way, then set the lever to 6 notches, i then wound the pads back untill the wheel was locked. It now works fine. And the car passed the MOT.


Thanks for your input.