Handling and steering of NC versus NC1.5

Is the difference between a NC 1.0 and a NC 1.5 so significant. I am trying to keep my purchase economical so was going for a NC 1 but I have seen comment that a NC 1.5 is markedly better for steering responce and handling
Dan Barry

NC2 upgrades over the NC1 were according to the Roadster blog…

Chassis Upgrades

  • The front suspension geometry was revised by altering the ball joints’ vertical pivot position, lowering the height of the front roll centre by 26 mm
  • Decreased fluctuations in vertical load on the outer wheel when cornering so that roll movement caused by steering input is now more linear
  • New suspension tuning for even more precise reaction to steering input
  • Yaw and roll feel more natural for a higher quality ride

So maybe the steering feel is different👍

I’ve got the NC2, previously owned an NC1. It definitely feels tighter and more precise, when I first got it. Alignment, tyres, aging of the bushes etc can of course have a big say in how any age of NC performs steering wise.

Personally, I’d go for the revised car just for the engine mods

Whereabouts are you in Cheshire Dan? You’re welcome to come and have a look at my NC2 if that would help.

I would say ‘revised and slightly improved’ between NC and NC2 in the steering and handling departments, rather than “markedly different”. But as said already, I think the biggest improvement area were the engine revisions.

Thanks for the offer of a visit. Somehow I posted in the wrong region, I am in Staffordshire!
Thanks for the info, I wasn’t aware of engine improvements, are they for power or for economy?
Dan Barry

Close enough :wink:

Some useful engine info here:

To me, the NC2 drives like an NA, but with gearing better suited to UK motorways and fewer rattles. So that’s a real compliment.

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