Happy campers at the Spring Rally


Rick and Julie look forward to meeting all the other happy campers at the spring rally, please pop in and say hello and have a wee drink with us. Look forward to seeing some of the people we met at the Chatsworth campsite, we had such fun there and our good friend Tom added to the entertainment with his “how to break into an MX-5” routine when he accidently locked his keys inside twice!!! Sorry Tom couldn’t resist, such a shame you wont be there but I guess weeks of touring the med is a pretty good alternative. Love to you all, we just love “Having a laugh” with Yorkshire Ridings.

Cheers, Rick and Julie

 Ok folks…so who’s gonna be camping this year?

Me!! I shall be along with my Dad.

Yep! Wendy & I will be there.

Our 1st camping experience - so please be gentle Shock

Hope the weather is kind to us all.

Martin & Wendy

Oh! Wendy thinks that she has read something somewhere about a breakfast “snack-bar” onsite where we can get a breakfast if we choose.

We can’t find anything about this now, so does anyone know anything about this?

Hi Folks

As of last week, there were 20 pitches booked, so you wont be on your own!

The campsite shop (in the reception portacabin) has a few basic supplies (note few and basic) - there is a Co-Op Local just up the road (A228 one roundabout north) at the petrol station and supermarkets in Paddock Wood.


Rally Accommodation & Coaches

 hi ive been trying to call to book a pitch today but cant get through, what number have you called on?


Oh Ahhhh!!! Yes you have just reminded me !!!  Embarassed When I was talking to the campsite lady last week she said they were changing the phone numbers and that they might change before the rally!!!

The number was 01892 838161  The NEW NUMBER is 01622 870838    I dooo apologise  Mind you I am surprised they haven’t got somesort of redirect setup on the old number

the alternative is to email touring@thehopfarm.co.uk  They do still have pitches available, with and with out electric hookup

Much grovelling


Rally Accommodation & Coaches

Here is an “Early Riser” picture from our pitch on the campsite.

A great weekend - thanks guys & gals Smile

Early Riser

 Great pic

I would like to be able to say that we had specially arranged for the hot air balloon to pass overhead that morning but …… there is a company hot air balloon company that is based at The Hop Farm that takes off or else lands there – depending on the wind direction.

 Hi To all the Campers

Hope that the stay was enjoyable, Hope the hot water was back on quickly for you, I did put in the request straight away for you, I hope that the tent that nearly blew away, we managed to save it for you with extra pegging down we could see it trying to do a runner when we were pegging out on the Friday evening so saved most of it for you.

Thanks for coming to the rally and hope you all had a safe journey home, excellent picture of the hot air balloon which landed in the rally field we were able to see it land as we were up at the field in time.very early.

See you all at Silverstone or the National Rally.

Take care and love to you all

Sarah and Martyn xxx


Rick and Julie had a lovely time with friends old and new, we look forward to meeting again at Northampton on the camping site. I am going to book at the beginning of July so hope all our friends will be booking too and that includes those we have yet to meet.

We will of course have the odd spare chair, table and whatever else we can help with along with providing the entertainment of trying to erect the trailer tent, they do say it gets easier with practise!!!

LOL Julie and Rick