hard top vs soft top

Hi everyone, i had a 2007 soft top a couple off years ago which we did the big tour !!, which i sold and immediately regretted it, the reason i sold was the noise when travelling on the motorway, now my question , Please only answer if you have had both the hard top and the soft top,  Is the hard top quieter [main reason] is there any advantages having the soft top over the hard top, Third question i am in the market for a mx5  around the £3500 mark what can i expect to get for that sort off money,  THANKS.   Steve 

I know what you mean about road noise with the roof up.

Luckily, mine is only a summer toy, and very very rarely drive it with the roof up.

Only if I have to, and I’ve no other alternative.


I doubt that you’ll pickup a Powered Hard Top (PRHT) model for £3500.

PRHT came out around 2007.

£3500 might just about get you in to a MK3, maybe one with a removable hard top, which has to be stowed away in a garage/spare bedroom etc when not in use.

Highy impractacal in my opinion.


I’ve no idea about road noise though as I have a cloth roof.


Maybe I shouldn’t have answered. Cool

Hi Keat63, thanks for the reply, Erm!!, yes i know i will be lucky to find a hard top for my budget, but my budget has now been upped, I do not want a high mileage car so think i will start my search looking at nicer lower mileage soft top cars, Thanks again. Steve


this is available …



Hi Bally3, would love to buy [Eric!!] your car but over my budget, shame has i am in Yorkshire [Halifax], and would be easy to view.Thanks for the reply and good luck with the sale. Steve