Hardtop anyone

hi I need a hardtop for my mk2.5 mx5 can any one help I live in Cumbria but willing to travel thanks pete

I have a hard top for a 2002 2.5. It’s dark blue (supreme blue) and comes with a storage bag. It’s in good condition. Unfortunately I live in Somerset. Let me know if you are interested.

I’d be interested in your hard top if I could sell the crystal blue one I have

Inhope you can sell it; let me know if / when you do.

Ok. Will do

I’m after a crystal blue hard top for my NA. Want to swap for a black one?

I have a Nordic Green hard top from my 2005 Sport. Very unusual colour. However, I am near Cambridge. Let me know if interested.

Peterrich1. Sorry I have come late to this. Are you still looking for a Hardtop?

I have a silver Mk2 MX% hardtop and I live in North Yorkshire not far from Cumbria

Let me know please. Thanks

Hi yes im looking how much you looking for it thanks

Hi Peter

I would want £100 for it

If you are interested then let’s sort it



Hi George,
If Peter has bought the hardtop then fine, if not what condition is it in as I may be interested as I have a silver Mk1.


Yeh definitely want it let’s get it sorted thanks

Hi Peter

I am on holiday in the Lake District and will get it out of the garage and get a picture of it on Monday night and put it here unless you want me to privately email it to you.
I live near Skipton. Will you come and collect it it suits?



Hi great I definitely want it I can collect I live about 20mins from Keswick my email is richardson.peter@mail.com and you can contact me on 07955588525 thanks

Peter. Great I will give you a call on Monday evening or Tuesday. My number is 07706369253
I will then email you a picture

Have a pleasnt few days


Hello Mike

I think Peter definately wants it but if not I can contact you



Yes please George.