Hardtops? mk1 mk2 etc

Can anybody tell me what hardtop i have just bought and how to address the problems i have.

I have just bought a hardtop for my mk1 but i have a few issues with it, and i suspect its either a clone or a mk2 top.

Its suffering from wind noise from the centre of the windscreen seal at speeds over 30mph?
Side windows not sealing well?

What parts do i need to correct it taking into account i have an unknown top fitted to a mk1.

Details of the top:
It has a lined roof with a central light?
The electrical connector is cylindrical and on the drivers side and not the passengers side?
The chrome tops at the rear have two screw heads each on the top and screw down.


Hi Steve, a good place to start


i have been throught the technical FAQ but i couldnt see the answer directly Geoff [:S]



Sounds like you’ve got an after market top if it’s got an interior light and a head lining.

 got any pics of it, just so we can compare??




I have made a new harness and i have just started on wirring in the new relay and switch [Y]

The wind noise has got a tad less today … it might just want to settle for a while. Although the seals need adjusting as they leaked last night, but i had planned ahead with plastic covers [:)]

This is something thats always confused me. Are the original MK1 hard tops fibreglass or metal?

I’ve got a fibreglass one with no headlining, Demister or light, But Mazda catches (Though the rear clamps are a more angular design than the ones in the photo above).

Would this be an aftermarket roof?

 Genuine hard tops are made from fibreglass, Mk1 and both the Mk2’s are interchangeable all ways