Harvard Restoration

Well my Harvards coming together now , tin worm has been eradicated can’t wait for the final finish

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That’s some major surgery there carried out, well done it’s a nice model to keep going and back on the road. :+1:

Thanks Mick

My first viewing of any MX-5 to buy was the Harvard model. The owner told me a few porkies about the condition, didn’t mention the tennis ball size hole in one of the outer sills. Also took photos of the interior and posted them, it looked nice, when I got there it was a wreck inside there. Wanted around £3250 for it (about 10 years ago) he wasn’t pleased when I said it’s not worth £2k, good luck with that.

Oh eck thats bad when people try and hide the issues with photos and want the earth for them. I bought mine 4 or 5 years ago paid £1500 it wasn’t in great condition drivers side had been sprayed over with a spray can so i knew it maybe covering up something but it was my first introduction to mx5s and i just wanted it lol .

That is a great job. You are to be commended.
I shall mention you in Dispatches. :smiley:

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Thanks , i can’t take all the credit for the body work it was done by a chap ive come to be good friends with as the project has been progressing

That was going to be my question, who did the work? Looks great

Hi Ian , Its a chap called Valter Rocha hes a one man band he works for himself (Rocha Restorations ) based near Bradley in Stafford .Hes very thorough and very proud of hes work.

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Looking good!

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Heres some latest pictures not much to go now . The wheels are off now going to be refurbished.

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It is a very satisfying feeling knowing you have managed to save another MX5 from the breakers.

Oh most definitely is , can’t wait to get it back now .

Shes coming home tomorrow yay :blush::blush::blush::blush:


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