Has anyone picked up a new 2024 MX-5 yet?

Has anyone picked up a new 2024 MX-5 yet? we are keen to hear your thoughts and if you’d be up for a bit of filming with your car? Near Bicester area.

‘mxomatosis’ has one so it may be worth sending a PM.

Was just thinking the same Malc…

Yes, collected from the dealership on 2nd April, RF Homura in machine grey.
Previous MX5 was a 2010 Miyako with hard folding roof which we owned for nearly 10 years. The ND feels noticeably quicker with more torque but then it should with 180+ bhp compared to 150. The handling is much tauter and more precise. The Recaro seats are probably the most comfortable and supportive I have ever experienced. The six speed gearbox is a joy to use. Still getting used to all the new gizmos especially the lane departure & blind spot monitoring. Still treating it rather gently because it only has 850+ miles on the clock so far.
Things I don’t like: dealership made a complete Horlicks of the number plate fitting & ignored my clear (& emailed instructions), hence the loan car. The front and rear subframes were clearly just barely introduced to the black paint before it was hastily snatched away to meet another partner. The long aerial looks like the car is driven by a rather sad CB radio fossil without a life.
Overall, really impressed by the quality of the driving experience and the interior bits and bobs. The car will be kept long term and never used in winter when it will be tucked up all cosy in a heated garage but I spent the first week of ownership blasting Dinitrol into and over its nooks & crannies and the bits missed in the factory (which were many and varied).

Rather a long way from Bicester I’m afraid (East Yorkshire) but if someone wants to provide a decent hotel for the night, happy to give the car the Cecil B Demille treatment!


Where about in east Yorkshire? I’m near Beverley. Regards

Not far away, in South Cave.

Just down the road in North Newbald!

Well, well! I bought my first Ducati from a chap in North Newbald 19 years ago.

So getting back to the purpose…

It might not be too far, just checking with the team, they might be up for that

OK, that’s fine with me.

Here is a solution for the standard remote control car type aerial.

It’s a bit more expensive than others but the bottom diameter matches the base diameter on the car pretty well.

I had one in my pocket on the day I collected my MX-5.

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