Head Gasket and timing belt change in pictures

Hi there,

I’m currently half way through a head gasket and timing belt change on my MK1 1.6, that tbh, has got well out of hand.

I’m a complete novice and have been using youtube and manuals, taking pictures of literally everything so I can hopefully put it back together.


Anyway i’m going to put the link to my photobucket gallery here, in the hope that my pictures can help anyone else out there, even if its just to look at some of the more hidden parts you wouldn’t normally see.


By no means is this a “how to guide”, as I’ve probably made a lot of mistakes myself, but I would be willing to share my experiences if anyone wanted to know anything.




For the most part it is in order of strip down, but if not then “sort by title”

Great idea… although I’ve got a Mk2

Looking forward to seeing the photos

Thanks ?? Wish I had the time to make it into a proper “how to” but struggling to find the time to work on the car as it is


Hope you find some help from it though, after all the mk1 and mk2 arent that far removed from each other