Headlight restoration

If anyone else is suffering from the pitfalls of faded and cloudy plastic headlights, I’d highly recommend the autoglym kit!

My headlights weren’t that bad in all honesty, but after a couple of hours, some light prep work (2/3 layers of masking tape around the edges of the bumper to protect the paint is particularly important!), they’re now crystal clear.

The kit comes with a set of sand papers of various grades to sand and buff the lights, as as well as a compound that is used to give the final finish.

As an added bonus, the kit comes with a drill adapter that really helps to take the manual effort out of the job, and in my case, can also be used afterwards to buff out minor bodywork scratches etc.

Give it a go! :slight_smile:


Did mine yesterday with the Autoglym kit.
Yes, it does work well but I find that my headlights need doing about once a year - probably because they are now over 13 years old.

I just use yon CIF cream with the soft side of a small kitchen scrub pad, the kind that cost about a pound for a pack of 6. Works great, costs zip. Finished off with a good wipe of Autoglym resin seal. Done it for years on the 2002 Sport…polycarbonate headlamps as are the RayBrigs on my Mk1.
Mind you, our 5’s don’t get motorway grit blasted or used daily so probably are an easier task.


Thanks for the advise on headlamp cover cleaning. I have a ND FL Sport, 2004. The nearside lens is quite ‘dull’ whereas the offside is quite bright. I was contemplating having to remove the nose cone / front bumper, in order to exchange the light unit. Having read your remarks, I’ll go down the Autoglym route first.
Many thanks.

I use Meguiar ScratchX, takes about two minutes to do the whole job - but results are not as spectacular as yours.

I have wondered about putting a wax or something on the ‘cleaned’ lens to try to protect it from further ‘erosion’.