Heated door mirrors

Hi anyone any idea if this is possible? I have the electric adjustable mirrors so could get cabling thorugh to do it.
Cheers BB

What car?

The MK2/MK3 were both available with heated mirrors I believe, so a retrofit should be possible, but I couldn’t give much more detail than that (but two days on, it seems nobody else can either).

I’m not sure it is really worth while though - sure, they are handy things to have, but I’m not sure I’d pay extra to get them…

Thanks for that. Its actually just a nice to have. It would beat stopping and getting out the car when the passenger side mists up again for example. I know I only live in the ‘soft south’[:)] but the misty damp mornings seem to cling to the car! Its a mk1 1.8S by the way.
I’ve looked at some fitments which have the element on the back of the mirror and it seems they are just held on with stickys so if the Mk2 glass is the same then maybe a second hand one could be the answer but until one comes along maybe I’ll just get a long stick with a cloth on it[;)]