Heated rear window fuse blowing.

Hi guys , hoping someone can help. My mk2 keeps blowing the fuse for heated rear window. Also the window blower fan isn’t working. Any ideas on what maybe the cause? Something is earthing out somewhere but i would appreciate a point in the right direction. 


Unhelpfulreply but you have to trace the wiring and disconnect it at various points to work out where the sort circuit is happening.

Do an eBay search for’12v fuse marine circuit breaker’, plug it into where the blown fuse is and disconnect everything associated with the heater and window elements then you can work your way forward until you find the fault.
Saves a lot of time for £3ish.

It’s resettable.

I have these in my van, they save blowing fuse after fuse if the short is not obvious.
Fit one to the blown fuse port, turn things on one at a time and if the fuse trips start removing/disconnecting until the fuse doesn’t trip.
DO NOT over ride the (circuit breaker) fuse.