Heated seats MK4

Anyone tried this heated seats mod on a Mk4 with cloth seats. Was it easy to install, did it work?


or even this.


Many thanks Richard

Fitted the same kit to both my Mk1s. Works really well, relatively easy to fit on the Mk1, can’t comment on the Mk4. There’s one up for auction on eBay with only one bid at 99p. Worth a look.

Thanks Roadie, I see the seller has 93.8% rating. Might give that one a swerve but I see they are much cheaper on ebay although I assume MX5city has proper instructions for the mx5.

The instructions shown in the MX5City picture are just the generic Waeco instructions.
Looking at the eBay feedback they are not prolific sellers. That low percentage is due to one negative where the buyer apparently couldn’t contact them. 20 positives and one negative in the last 12 months. Wouldn’t worry too much about that.

I’ve put a bid in at £10,50 plus £5.90 postage. Looking around on ebay they seem to be between a quarter and a third of what MX5city are asking.

The cheaper ones aren’t the Waeco ones. All the Waeco ones are around the £100 mark. The others might be fine but who knows. All I can say is that the Waeco branded ones that I fitted on both of my Mk1s were really well made, fitted the Mk1 seats perfectly and I had zero problems with them.