Hello from a bike rider converting to MX5!


We have been keen motorcycle tourists for 10 years and have travelled extensively across Europe on various motorbikes. At 55 yrs I was finding it just a little harder to do 200-250 miles per day to achieve the things I wanted to do and see and have been contemplating a move to a convertible for a few years. We have finally committed and purchased a ND 1.5 last week. We look forward to meeting some of you at the Cross Hands Meeting at some point. In the meantime I have some questions.

When will the group next meet at Old Sodbury?

Is there any company that the group uses for paint repairs? I have a couple of ‘dings’ (not done by me!) that will need some attention to bring the car up to a nice standard

Our first few days with the car MX5 have been very enjoyable. We look forward to meeting you at the club meeting.


Robert & Dawn


Welcome to the world of MX5s, you Will hopefully enjoy driving a 5 as much as motorcycling. I have after nearly 40 years of Biking, it’s just as much fun.

Hello and welcome to the community, your not the first to take this route and there has recently been a long post on here on the subject worth reading, I still have my bike but the mx5 is great fun and just jump in drop the hood and enjoy, it’s addictive and great fun. Speaking. Of long journeys on bikes about 20 years ago a mate and myself went from Bilbao to Grenada in a day after being delayed getting off the ferry due to foot and mouth, it was insane and we still talk about it to this day, good memories but mad ! Enjoy your car. kind regards Dave

Like you I’ve chopped my bike in this year for a MX5, and to be honest I’m enjoying it just as much as the bike. Mind you I’ve not hit any traffic jams yet.

I had an MX5 and a motorbike as weekend toys and when I moved house decided that one had to go. I kept the MX5 and don’t regret my choice for a second! :blush: