Hello from Berkshire

Hi all,

Picked up an NA at the end of July after selling my old ND a couple of years ago.

Really glad to be back owning an MX5!

The MX5 in question is a 1997 NA in British Racing Green, in very nice condition and going over some minor jobs at the moment. Haven’t got any great pictures handy but this one shows it off!

Look forward to coming along to some events!


Hi Ryan and welcome from Nottighamshire. The NA you’ve got looks nice… :slight_smile:
Why did you sell your ND?


At the time the dealership offered to buy it back off me and with the other car in the household being an Abarth 595 we had a big issue with car space, ended up getting something bigger.

In some ways I regret it but I think I prefer the NA, as it’s not a daily for either of us, the space concerns aren’t a big deal now!

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Welcome Ryan.
You must live in the same area as me as you have the same recycling bag. :smiley:

Are you going to join in with local MX5OC meets?


I do indeed, closer to Reading than Wokingham though!

I’m planning to, looking to get down to the Henry St. breakfast meet in September. Need to have a look at the calendar to see what else is on though!

Hey Ryan. I’m originally from Reading but now in Milton Keynes. I’m new here from just recently buying my first mazda nb

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Welcome back to MX-5 ownership.
I did consider an Abarth 500 for a whie but could never get comfy in one. Are you happy with yours?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Honestly I’m not that fond of driving the Abarth, I’ve spent most of my time driving in coupes and roadsters so find the seating position too up right and the pedals too close together.

It is quite fun to drive now and then but I wouldn’t want to drive it as a daily. Luckily it’s the other half’s car so I don’t have to drive it too often but much prefer my 2 series over it.

Oh nice! Prefer it up in MK? I’ve considered a move a bit further up but kept on thinking staying this way would be a better option (for better or worse).

Yeah it’s not to bad. Every time I go back to Reading somethings changed. Did u say your going to the japfest at silverstone?

Unlikely I’ll be able to get down there this weekend coming up, got some work to do on the MX5 and didn’t even realise it was this weekend!

Fair enough, there is one on 19th at the castle place which I’m going to

Thankfully the new generation Fiat 500 has a much better driving position.

Just a thought, the next meet at Henry Street is the same day as the National Rally
MX5OC South Central are meeting at Black Bushe Airport cafe for breakfast and driving together to the rally. May be you can join us?

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Good shout, hadn’t put 2 and 2 together on the dates!

I’ll have a look into it!

Providing my welcome pack and August STHT arrives in time I’ll be heading down to the national rally (weather permitting anyway).

Need to work out whether I can make the breakfast meet beforehand but looks like I’ll be coming along for the rally at least.


Did you get everything sorted for Sunday?

Yep! Providing it’s not tipping it down I’ll be there!

I’ll probably head directly there rather than meeting at the café in Blackbushe before hand though, have a few things I need to do in the morning.