Hello from Bexhill on Sea East Sussex

Hello all my name is Rich and I’m the very happy owner of a 2011 2.0Lt Sport Tech PRHT in True red.

I had been running a very modified MK2 1.8 for some years and then decided to go for MK3 2.0 sport.
I managed to buy a one owner high mileage but lovely condition one back in May 2019.

This was such an improvement over the older MK2, I was thrilled.
I do lots of track days and did a few in this car.

Because it was such a good car I decided to look around for an absolute cracker of a newer version.
I for sure wanted a PRHT, to my mind the best of everything in one simple package.

I looked at lots of cars right up to £10,000 pounds.
My God they where rubbish.
Surface chassis rust especially on the rear “chassis” members each side of the boot section. Tiny rust bubbles on the wheel arches and so on.

Eventually I found my pristine year 2011 Sport Tech PRHT.
I had only 10,000 miles on the clock and all history.
Came with brand new tyres on the day and a years MOT.
It’s another huge improvement over the first MK3

As soon as the situation returns to normal I will go for the
S W Motorsport 330R 330Bhp EFR Turbo conversion.
Having spoken at length with Steve Whitson he really knows his stuff with these cars.
Then it will be MeisterR suspension better wheels and tyres and then many more track days.

If anyone is local to me please make contact.


Hi Rich
My recently acquired Mk1 is in Bexhill but unfortunately I am locked down in SW London/ Surrey. This is my first MX5 but so far I have only driven it from the car park to the garage!

It is a standard UK 1.8is that someone spent a lot of money on bodywork etc. They were planning to put a Rocketeer V6 in it but got posted abroad so changed their mind.

When we get back to normal I hope to see your car around?