Hello from Dundee area, Ceramic ND

Hello all, back in a 5 (ND) after many years. Previously had a MK1 BBR (H873 BJS) if anyone knows of it in white which we loved having about 25 years ago!! Been busy making the nd mine with good detail and some underbody cleaning and protecting (Dinitrol). Council have thrown salt everywhere so we will give it a few days before getting back out there,


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Welcome , back to the fold . I’m sure you are going to enjoy your new 5

Your white Mk1 is presently SWORN , the MOT expired in Mid Jan 2021

Hello Kenny, and welcome from Nottinghamshire - Always nice seeing another Ceramic one, and hope you are enjoying the experience so far…! :slight_smile:

Hello Kenny welcome back, from sunny Essex. Simon

Thanks chaps, enjoyed the car last week until the council threw salt everywhere! Gave it a proper detail including clay bar, machine polish (infinity) and House of Wax (Polish stuff) top coat with some Infinity Graphene sealer. Some Gliptone on the seats and it feels more like mine now! Got the car up on the trolley jacks yesterday and wasn’t surprised to find plenty of flaky surface rust on the subframe welds which just about all modern cars seem to be bad for. So, out came the Dinitrol and surfex HD and everything looking clean and protected now!