Hello from Middlesbrough (2024 ND3 RF Homura)

Hi everyone! Just picked up my first MX-5 and this place was really useful for doing research beforehand so figured I’d join! Most of my previous cars have been Japanese (including a S15 Silvia, a DC5 Integra and a RX-8) but I’d never driven an MX-5 at all. I knew I wanted something with a manual gearbox but more modern which unfortunately doesn’t give you many options in 2024.

I’d always loved the styling of the ND, but was convinced I wouldn’t fit in one comfortably. After test driving a 2 litre RF (and discovering I do fit!) I was hooked. So after doing some man maths, I ended up with this:

It’s a brand new 2024 Homura RF in the new Aero Grey colour. I have to admit, I would’ve preferred Soul Red, but was told the wait time for a Soul Red Homura is several months at the minute, whereas this one had just arrived at the dealer. After owning it a week, I’m starting to come around to the colour a bit more. It still does look a bit like a primer coat though :joy:

Honestly the car has surprised me so far. It feels every bit as quick as my old DC5 Integra (based on the one I test drove, I’m still running this in gently), while still being really comfortable (the Recaros are amazing). Absolutely loving it so far!

First thing I need to do is get rid of the ridiculous aerial :joy:

Hopefully I’ll manage to get along to some events!


Welcome to the club , enjoy :+1:

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I have to admit, i also did not like the Aero Grey at first but it’s growing on me. The gloss black stuff offsets it nicely and they should have made the badges black, (easy job apparently). You can also fit the smoked repeaters and if you really must have Soul Red…have it wrapped. It will definitely prevent the blasted stone chips!!

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I have an RF in Deep Crystal Blue by the way.

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Hello! I am actually a returning member having owned two NAs previously but my old login didn’t work so I appear to be a newb.

Like you I have just got an Aero Grey ND3 Homura though a soft top rather than RF. I was tempted by some big discounts on a 2023 car but wanted the Recaro seats and got a bit of a discount from Mazda in Liverpool, which meant I was able to put a couple of hundred miles on it on collection day last week, heading home via Wales. Also like you, I love the Soul Red but it’s such an archetypal ND colour I wanted something different, and Aero Grey is sufficiently different - it’s also a lighter hue which sets off the dark wheels and mirrors a bit. I like it in the sun when the metal flake in the paint sparkles, but it does look like primer when it’s cloudy :laughing:

Before it arrived I ordered a Cravenspeed stubby aerial from MX5 Things so fitted that as soon as I got home. I’m sure it really harms reception but it looks so much better and I just use Carplay anyway:

Recommended for looks, but it does come from the US so the postage takes a couple of weeks.

I’m loving it already of course. It’s amazing that it’s no heavier than my NAs yet has modern kit like airbags, heated seats and so on. More everyday livable than an NA but still has the joy and simplicity to drive. The brakes have really impressed me; I didn’t test drive a Homura, just a normal ND2, and wasn’t expecting the Brembos to be anything more than cosmetic. Just wish Mazda had a more interesting palette of colours in 2024; at least the grey piping on the Recaros goes with the paint…

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Welcome and enjoy.

When I was looking for a 5 I wanted a soft top, preferably an NA and definitely not in white. I bought an NC3.5 Sport Black in white with a PRHT roof, and I love it! The 5 generally is just a great concept and certainly pushes all the right buttons for a lot of people.