Hello from Ossy

“Just looking” is our family phrase for, Dad is about to spend money! 

Yes you guessed, I am “Just Looking” at getting an Mx5 . Really is time I stopped looking and took the bait. Early Nc looks favourite but there again Hmm.

Living in the Northwest in a little place called Oswaldtwistle. All the kids have flown the coop. Recently moved to anew property with large heated garage. Seems a shame not to fill it with an Mx5.

Well here is looking forward to asking lots of silly questions, meeting up with Mx5 devote.




Get yourself to ‘Sports cars in the park’ Lotherton Hall Leeds, 23rd September.
There should be well over 50 MX5s there and plenty owners happy to talk MX5s.



safetymatch, thanks for the welcome. 

23rd sadly not an option as otherwise committed. Note to self: must review priorities.



hi and welcome. my wife often says she is just looking while shopping.usually means a wallet attack! just looking for an mx5 is more fun.good luck.

Spot on advice from Safetymatch.

Be prepared for:

The Mk1 brigade " It’s the only one to have"

The Mk2 brigade " Ditto"

The Mk3 brigade " Ditto"

The Mk4 brigade  “Ditto”.

Just get the one you feel in your gut is right for you.


















So long…as it’s a Mk1. 


Like mine

JUST LOOKING Well I have gone & done it. Bought a nice tidy 06 Mk3.


Had a few trips out now sort of shake down trips;

Harrogate set off in the dry then torrential rain. Only issue some drips in the passenger side foot well. Research on this excellent forum and some new Windscreen Scuttle Panel Screw inserts ordered.

Blackpool Lights Saturday gone Top down heater on and heated seat for the boss. Very, very slow into and through the lights. No signs of any overheat issues or other foibles.


Shake down to date = successful


Plan is to keep car nice & dry through the Winter avoiding that nasty salt stuff then run as is next year. Next Winter, well maybe some suspension & brake tweaks. 


See you all around.



Welcome to the forum enjoy your car

Glad you got sorted with one.  That,  “I’m just looking” phrase is meaningless  we all know it’s code for " I’m gonna get one" well done for doing your research and bring prepared to sort the bits n bobs. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the experience of owning a 5. Tinkering, maintaining, modifying, cleaning and polishing, oh, and actually driving them is all good fun! Whichever you choose to do, one or all of them, enjoy yourself.


Welcome on board and good luck with your search; whichever version you end up with… 

Hi from Blackpool,listen to safetymatch,the font of all knowledge lol,especially bargains
Just one question,are you a Gobbin or not ?,you’ll know what I mean ha ha

Hello Stephen.

That is the BIG question. Cannot claim to have been born in the correct location to be able to claim Gobbin status. More naturalised


Font of all knowledge…What Stephen means by that is i will hunt a bargain down and never pay the asking price.


Welcome to the addiction