Hello from someone who does know better

8 years ago I started selling Mazdas in Basingstoke, so I thought it’s about time I bought one myself. I’ve always liked the Mk2 which I thought had a whiff of italian style about it. This beauty came with the hardtop and I will be using it as my daily commute.


Welcome to ownership! Indeed a lovely looking 5. Hope you have a lot of fun from your inevitable purchase after 8 years selling them!

Kind regards,

Hi and welcome, that’s a lovely looking example, I agree the MK2 looks slick. Have fun in it.

Hi Tim, That looks a lovely example and should give you hours, neigh years of motoring pleasure. If you fancy a little venture down to Solent Area in your 5, then feel free. You would be most welcome to join us or we may see you at some South Central events.

These early NBs in Racing Green Mica seem to last particularly well. I don’t know whether the process was different for the mica finish. You have chosen well and lucky to have found one so nice.