Hello from Tokyo (2020.09.13.)

It has been awfully hot this summer in Tokyo. But it was nice cool today, so autumn is surely coming.
Took my 1995 V special and visited Zenpukuji temple in downtown Tokyo. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zenpuku-ji


Hi there, yes Autumn seemed to be on the way here, but now it seems to be warming up again after I put my hard top back on for winter. Today it’s been in the mid to high twenties.

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You are having Indian summer then ? Morning and night is all right. Temperature drops below 30 deg. C, but in daytime it is still over 30 or close to 35 deg.C. Hope temp will drop, but then corona virus becomes more active and we then will have fear of infection :disappointed_relieved:

Starting to feel a bit more like autumn this week. Going to have to put socks on soon when working from home.