Hello new member and NA owner from South Wales

Hello all,

New to this site and MX5 ownership!

Today I got a card left on my windscreen and thought id make a post and introduce myself. :call_me_hand:


I`m Gavin from a small Welsh town in South Wales. Two weeks ago after years of saving and months of searching (making things a bit tricky because of the situation atm), I finally took a dive into MX5 ownership!

The cars a 1993 Eunos Roadster 1.8L (i believe its a V Special) that was imported in 2003. its had a few bits and bobs done to it over the years but that’s something I’m still learning about the car. The cars not perfect but ever since owning it I’ve had a massive smile on my face.

Ive got a few things planned to help with the longevity of the car but I cant wait to go to a local meet and become acquainted with everyone.

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Welcome Nice car and you live in a place were you will get the best off it…

Welcome Gavin, happy summer motoring.

Welcome Gavin, hope to see you out on some drives when we can

Thank you all I couldn’t of picked a better time for ownership with the weather we’ve been having!


Welcome, and check out TotalMX5 in Barry. Mark is knowledgeable and gives an excellent service or you can go down to the Sat Club there and do some of the work yourself.

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I’m planning to make a trip down to totalmx5s some time. Are there any meets planned coming up?

I believe the Sat Club will be starting with social distancing of course. You could go on the facebook page and ask the question.