Hello, new member from Colorado

I’ve been into Miatas almost since the beginning.  My first Miata was an orange 1990, one of the six so called Color Cars named Sunkist.  Since then I have owned 36 Miatas including one of the FM Habus with the LS3 Corvette engine, a 1992 SBY, turbocharged, full suspension upgrade and many other modifications, and a 2004 MSM.

My current Miata is a 2016 Soul Red Club.  It has the BBR turbo, FM suspension, bronze 6UL wheels and a lot of other mods.  I also have reserved one of the 30AE Racing Orange which should arrive in July.  I have been collecting parts to modify it once I have my hands on it.

Welcome Sounds like you’ll know your stuff about MX-5s then! Enjoy the forum 

Welcome and Wow, that’s a LOT of MX5s/Miatas!!

Thanks for the welcome. I have been obsessed with Miatas since I bought the first one in 1991. I’ve had as many as 5 at one time. One of those 36 Miatas was a salvage auction car. I used the engine and transmission for a build of a 2005 Caterham SV.

Here’s a picture of my shop with 3 Miatas and the Caterham.

Hello there and welcome to the forum

Ah, Skip Cannon I believe.



I owned that Miata for 19 years and 120k miles.  Longest time and the most miles I have put on a car.


I’m back down to 1 MX5, a 96 S-Special 2 I’ve had since 2005, and 180kms ago.