Helmet rules

 What are the rules for open faced helmets? Can we drive with the soft top or do we need to fit a hard top?

 is it for track days or racing. rules are changing in jan about the motorsport standard. as far as i can make out from jan they have to be red kite marked not blue for racing. track days should be unafected though.

i use a open face shoei (blue kite mark) not had a problem. with the roof down

closed face feels to restrictve to me.

there is a lot of info on the net on the topic

i know its a vague answer but i hope it helps a bit

 You can drive top up or down.

but if down you must have your hand and arms covered

this takes in MSV , trackdays and book a track


 If you are on and MSV day under their insurance, you need a full face helmet for open cars.

We don’t require this under our insurance.

 Thanks guys. No need to put the yellow hard top on our red mk1 now!!!


All you need are some blue bumpers and you could call yourself noddy [:P]. 

where are youi in Bristol ? - wouldn’t mind looking at your bumper sometime  


 As I think I’m the only one in bristol on this thread I must assume you mean me. Why would you want to see my bumper? This isn’t some sort of pervy come on is it ? [:P]



 Hi Alan,

Does this mean we have to wear gloves now?


… hands and arms covered, and according to the Cadwell marshalls, your windows up if the soft top is down [:S]

So not only will I be burning to death in a non-fire resistant full face Arai RX7RR, I will also not be able to see as my eyes will be full of broken window. And my fire resistant overalls slashed to peices by glass.

I left em’ up for half a lap.





I’m doing the MOT Car Control Day and understand that any helmet will do for that but I’m also hoping to do the Brands Hatch track day in December so I want to make sure I get a helmet which I can use for both.

Will the Brands Hatch day be under your insurance then and if so what certification will the helmet need for Brands?





I would say the general rule is that it is your head, so you want to look after it, however a bike helmet that is in good condition is totally OK for Brands. Some operators such as MG’s on Track state that they require a helmet that meets current MSA competition standards, which becomes expensive and since track day cars do not have all the other MSA stuff, and that it is not competitive driving, is rather over the top.


Thanks Nick. Glad to hear that will be ok as, as you say, MSA approved helmets look so much more expensive than the bike ones. Will make sure I get myself something half decent though.