Help fitting new cat (NB 2.5)

Hi guys

So you may remember my (factory) cat got sawn off a few weeks ago and given I now have a lot of time at home I have purchased a replacement

which got dropped off today but I can’t get my head around how to fit it.

Does it need welding or do I need a gasket of some sort?

Normally I would have a garage take a look but my financial standing is looking a bit tricky going forward so I need to try and be sensible and have a go myself!


You are not called Raj by any chance are you?
That is the wrong cat for a MK2.5.
The cat in the picture is for the earlier MK2 and will not fit your car.

Haha. Shit. I got it off eBay , looks like they sent the wrong one.

Let me guess, the 2.5 one is more expensive? Shall I just go de cat at this point?