Help For Heroes

A big thank you to all that popped a few quid in the Help For Heroes collecting tins on Sunday, Captin Badger Baggins (Dan) and Shorty Blowhorm (Carl) collected a nice little sum of £82.50 this will be sent off to the guy later tomorrw.

Keep an eye out for the guys in future Eastern & Regional events.

got to say you both looked ace!!!

I Agree  Spiffing in fact Wink and well done, guys Thumbs up

well done guys, worth dressing up for…  Anyone got a photo of these two on Sunday ?

 Well done that man{#emotions_dlg.thumb}.  Keep a weather eye out for cabbage crates over the briny{#emotions_dlg.plane}

P.s love the car! And the word of the day is ‘flange’ Wink


I’ve got a couple - will upload when I get a chance. I also noticed several other people taking photos during the day. Seemed like everyone wanted to be photographed with Badger and Shorty.