Help - Handbrake thread lost

OK so I thought I’d be clever and do an easy mod - change the handbrake grip and button.

As I was removing the handbrake grip I yanked it and pulled the handbrake up (and off). This caused the thread (without the button installed) to drop down into the handbrake stamped assembly and I can’t reach it easily.

Yep, I know I’m an idiot

Anyone got any ideas how to fix it?

I’d say a photo would help to fully understand your problem, however if you’re talking about a metal part you may be able to do the following:

Get a magnet
Get a thin long screwdriver that can go within the handbrake assembly
Stroke the magnet along the screwdriver which will magnetise it.
Poke around and try and bring the item back up and out.

Cheers for the reply. I’m going to have a proper look tomorrow, it just got dark on me today and I couldn’t see enough to fix it (or take a good picture) with the garage light.

I’m going to have another crack tomorrow so thought I’d gather ideas here before going back to it.

To explain a little better, I’m taking about the threaded rod that the handbrake button attaches to. Its dropped far into the metal handbrake housing and i can’t reach it now.

I’ll update this thread if possible when I can take pictures but if anyones made the same silly mistake as me then do let me know so I can spend less time fumbling about!

maybe a magnetic pickup tool.


Sainsbury sell pretty good telescopic magnetic pick up tools

ok I’ll add this for future idiots like me. Doing this somewhere that isn’t under the dim garage light helped!

You can use a small screwdriver (or a magnet like previous posters have mentioned to pull the threaded rod back up. Then screw back on the handbrake button and pull upwards until it clicks back into position and stays there for when you change it. Don’t accidentally pull off the handbrake when the button is removed!