HELP, I've shut my keys in the boot!

 Is there a way of getting into a mk1 boot without the keys?! No, I don’t have a boot release and I can’t find my spare key!!

Might be best to pm me!

 Crisis averted, I found my spare!

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 phew… [Y]

 When I lose anything I say to my wife,"have you seen…?..anywhere and she always replies, “where did you have it last.”

If I new that I wouldn’t have to ask.  That’s women for you. 

She’s a good lass really, she must be, to put up with me for 50 years. 

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 i think most of us have done that in the past mx5  [:D]  must admite its not very funny when it happens,

After 20 years, I’m very use to Mrs Goof losing things after she’s had a tidy-up:- kitchen scissors found in underwear drawer, missing vouchers (£100+) found in glasses cupboard, etc…

Rule of thumb has developed - when she has had a tidy-up & put away session, look within an out-stretched arms distance from where lost item was seen last…! - This has been discovered & fine tuned over the years, and is now a proven reliable method of recovering lost items!

(If she reads this, then I’m a dead man!).

Have you tried to get your hand in the boot where the locking catch is by taking the number plate off first. I have a small inkling that there be a hole in the bodywork panel there, but not at all sure.

I’d hope that the OP hasn’t been standing by his car since April 2009 (when he asked the question) waiting for this answer :slight_smile:

Anyway, he did say that he had found his spare key, so hopefully he has found other things to do in the intervening 11 years…


Excellent! :laughing:

As an aside, the headrests on my Mk1 have a hidden zip so you can get to the headrest speakers. On a touring trip where we were going to be away for a few days abroad, I put a spare key in the headrest with the speakers in case of a loss of keys.

Opening a locked door is very easy so I wont expand on that.