Help! MX5 Owners Insurance (PeterJames) - no Trackday cover

Hi everyone, I’m looking to move over to the Owners Club favoured Peter James insurance, BUT they don’t cover trackdays.

I’m booked in for Blyton this year and would love to get a recommendation for a third party insurer. Basically Footman James cover me for £60… so any more than that and I’m not getting the benefit of moving.

Any recommendations greatly received!



try HERE

Please feel free to give us a try for track day insurance if you wish.

I have never seen sperate insurance for as low as £60. I would get a quote from Morris, but I would think Footman will win out if you want to track.

Thanks everyone, I’ve looked at all the options suggested and unfortunately no one could get anywhere near Footman James on price at the moment.

I hope this is something that Peter James Insurance can look at introducing (even if its for MX5OC run events only) as there must be a number of members with the same problem… and like me, it’s a blocker from moving to an otherwise incredibly competitive quote from them.