Help Needed to attend Brooklands

Hello all

I’m hoping someone can do me a favour. I have recently been ill so had resigned myself to not being able to go to brooklands. However, today it looks like things have cleared up, though my car currently needs a little work to pass its mot which would have all got done had I not been ill!

I’d really like to go to brooklands though, but have no way of getting there.

If someone could do me the huge favour of picking me up I’d be most grateful. I’m located in Reading near to junctions of the a329m and m4. If you can help please pm me a tel no and I’ll give you a call. More than happy to help out with petrol costs if required or at least buy you a beer!

I didn’t realise you’re just up the road from me Pete. Unfortunatley I’ll be going at the crack of dawn and have no space in the car so I can’t help you out. Glad to hear you’re well enough to attend and that someone can offer you a lift.

PS you should come to the Bracknell meet I also run (3rd Thursday of the month) at Pinewood cafe, details over on MX5Nutz.

Hi Helen, Yes it’s great  to be feeling better again. I’ve already been to a few of the bracknell meets. Though last one someone kindly gave me a lift owing to having just got back from Switzerland 2 days before.

Oh, I know who you are - you should have the same name across forums so as to not confuse me!

Hi ‘Pete’?

I’m considering going tomorrow - very last minute decision. I live just the other side of Reading from you so could easily pass by and pick you up.
Don’t use the forum much so I’m struggling to find a way of 'PM’ing you my number. I guess you know how to reciprocate?

let me know if you need the lift and I’ll commit to the run (otherwise I’ll end up working on my VW bus and cutting the lawn/yawn)

cheers Mike