Help needed

Looking to see if anyone in the West Yorkshire area would be willing to hire there mx5 convertible car out  just for a few hours to allow my husband a driving experience in it. With them as a passager if it makes them feel more secure that he won't do a runner with it lol. It's for a Xmas present. My husband would love to buy one. (One day ) so would like to give him the opportunity to see what it would be like. I have rang round lots of places but no were hires them out . Thank you Amanda 

Now, if it were me, I’d arrange for a “long” test drive at the dealership, as a potential purchaser. That’s got to be the safest and easiest way. A private individual would fall foul of insurance issues as most say not for hire or reward? Even if your husband was insured to drive other vehicles, it’s usually third party only. Heaven forbid something went wrong but if it did, there would be problems. Sorry, this isn’t helpful in one sense but you can see where I’m coming from. 


edit: you could combine it with a trip to New Zealand

a bit nearer

or here


Another option to combine with a short break: