HELP please can anyone recommend a body repair specialist for my Jasper Conran

I have already tried MX5 restorers but they are fully booked until next year.

my MOT is due at the end of the month and I am sure it will fail again. Last year I let my local garage repair the near side, rear (the known water trap problem) but I really want to get it repaired by a specialist this time rather than pour money down the drain.

i would be grateful for any advice or recommendations…thanks

i hope I have posted in the correct place 

No worries about the place - it’s fine. What’s needed though is your location (missing from your profile) but at this point if you tell us (roughly) where you are, then someone can reccomend a good body shop, I hope.

Location is always important, as you could be anywhere in the UK - or even abroad, as we have some European and American subscribers, but we can’t recommend anywhere abroad, unless they do. As some repair shops aren’t known, then it’s often handy to post on an Area forum, where more members can answer than on this part, so if you give us an idea where you are, and we don’t know the answer, then we can also point you at the appropriate Area where you may find a solution.

If you have other problems in the future then we are always here to help, but it also helps if you tell us what size engine is in your car, offhand I don’t know if JP’s were available in both 1.6 and 1.8L versions?

I am in Stamford, Lincolnshire,…however I am prepared to travel afar for a really good specialist. I will just have to make do without a car for a while.

It is a 1.8 engine. There were 400 Jasper Conrans released and only 265 around now. I am coming close to doing 90,000 miles and bought it new when Virgin sold cars back in 2001, so it is an interesting car.

I hope that helps Gerryn and thanks for your response.

Just look for a reputable body shop near you, there must be plenty about. An MX5 does not really need a specialist, just a good worker.

I wanted someone like the MX5 Specialist to have a good look over it especially as I spent a lot of money last year at my local garage and the rust is back.
I would like to pay for it to keep going for another 15 years. Also as a woman without a clue about cars I wouldn’t know a good one if they stabbed me in the eye ??

Don’t feel down beat by being a woman, we have men like that as well!

Your Area is Lincolnshire, though Stamford is also close to other areas, The North East Midlands (where I am) plus the Eastern area isn’t that far away. Not had occasion to find a good body shop myself, but I’m sure someone in your neck of the woods can come up with a good place. Robbie - our best mechanic, is situated at Cambridge, the Mazda dealer in that area, but he’s probably got a favourite body shop they use. I can understand your reluctance to accept anyone, as your previous experience isn’t looking so good now. Don’t lose hope, someone will give you a good result I trust.

Well thanks for giving me a chuckle ??

Cambridge isn’t a million miles away if I don’t get a better offer. At least the exhaust could get fixed there!

I can recommend Autobody Tec of Sandiacre near Nottingham, did a great job on my car

Did you have extensive work Don? Are they solely body work? It looks beautiful in the photo!

They did a major repair on the near side sill four or five years ago and it’s still as good today.

As far as I know they only do bodywork 

I’d use either Barr-Tech in Cambridge or Midway Bodyworks in Witchford near Ely.

Once the rust is sorted you might want to consider taking it to Rustbusters in Spalding ( for a full rustproofing treatment. Well worth it if you are planning to keep the car long term. They must be pretty close to you.