Help the Heroes Cheque

 Whilst every member of the club must be applauded for their hard work and contribution for selling raffle tickets and fund raising for the very deserved charity ‘Help the Heroes’.  Please would the fundraising committee give us a break down as to how much was actually raised and how and where the money was distributed as the cheque seemed rather small in comparison to the amount allegedly raised. I appreciate there are costs involved in running this raffle, but transparency is key in these things if susequent fund raisers are to be successful.

 I will see if I can get the info for you.  All those involved are in that side of the event are mostly still there, probably having a well earned lay in at the hotel where the Gala Dinner was. 

 Can the winning ticket details be announced as well please?

I’m going to be quizzed at work by everybody I sold to [:^)]

 It was a Mr R Head who was lucky enough to have his ticket drawn from the car yesterday afternoon by a representative from H4H.  I can’t say much more in advance of the publicity that we will give to this in due course but the gentleman in question was fully identified from his contact details and arrangements for the car delivery will be made shortly.  As noted elsewhere a lot of the team involved are still away so I don’t want to go into a lot more detail preempting the official announcement… 


I’ve just got in after a four hour drive home from the rally and overnight stay for the Gala Dinner. ,

Yes a breakdown of money raised via raffle sales and donations, offset against expenses of course, will be announced. It’ll be so transparent you’ll be able to walk through it.

 The charity will receive a balancing cheque on top of what was given to them yesterday after all expenses have been verified.

We were busy all day yesterday selling raffle tickets, this money has yet to banked, after I’ve counted it bagged it all.

Jenny Dorgan.

Raffle Ticket Co-ordinator and promoter.

 Not wanting to steal anyone’s thunder or preempt the official figures but as this is a month old a short answer would be appropriate.

I have no official figures but I believe around £21,000 was collected.

A also believe when accounts are fully complete there will be around a further £1,500 to be donated giving a total figure of something like £14,500

The car, graphics, raffle tickets, postage and fuel for the car travelling around the country account for the difference.


Am I right in thinking this was going to be raised at the AGM?  What was the outcome…anyone know please?


Why has nothing been posted about this or the Minutes of the AGM published yet? I cannot find anything on the forum related to either topic. If there is can someone please point me in the right direction.


Why do the National Committee not feel it necessary to keep the members informed on a timely basis? Historically the AGM is not exactly a long meeting and the Minutes in recent years have been brief. Unless this year’s meeting was longer than past meetings I can’t see that it would take much time to draft and agree the Minutes.



 I don’t know whay the minutes have not been published yet, possibly the answer is that on top of holding down a full time paid job the secretary also took the minutes of the team management meeting, which was held during the day on Saturday 11th Oct before the AGM and and the minutes of the Area Co-ordinators meeting which took place the day after the AGM, both meetings were of several hours duration.

Please can I ask you to be patient with regard to the raffle.

As promoter of the raffle I am responsible for keeping accurate accounts of monies paid in. We are still awaiting some expense claims connected with the raffle and the raffle prize, we have set a deadline for the claims forms to be submitted.  October 30th.  

A full breakdown will be published but it won’t be until after the Gaming Commission have verified it.




I read your post to contain a fair degree of angst in your post, like you feel there is a conspiracy going on.

What outcome are you expecting? 

I am not a committee member, but I have been involved in the organisation of events this year that have raised over £25,000 for H4H. These things have a legal process behind them and do not simply finish on the 12th September. Firstly there is a legal audit procedure to do thorough with documentation to complete. Costs are still incurred after the event, the car still had to be moved, service, stickers removed, paint work corrected and detailed, it has / had to be delivered to the winner. People with legitimate expenses, even prior to the draw in some cases have still not submitted claims and there is a cut off at the end of this month. Money has to be reconciled from various bank accounts, sponsorship cheques collected etc, etc, etc.

Some individuals literally gave hundreds of hours working several hours per day, every day, collecting, posting, sorting documenting the immense amount of tickers and communication that went on. After the Rally draw there has still been a great deal off effort just to prepare a summery for the AGM, then there has been the AGM its self and many of the do’ers had to give up yet another weekend just for that and so with the AGM was effectively 1 week ago, I can’t, even with the most pessimistic head on, say they are particularly in arrears or in anyway being lazy or secretive.

The committee is a bunch of volunteers with the same standing as every other club member. I have no idea why they stand for the position, (some I am sure are coerced) because it a position they requires people to undertake a great deal of work and I mean in some instances a second job amount of work. It is done so that the club runs and people get to the the things that the club does, however these people do it for no reward, and as this post show absolutely no praise or recognition.

I expect, since it is no one’s full time job that other work, domestic or social issues have prevented this, and also maybe they need to be fully proof read first I am sure they will be along in due course. However for those desperate to know the outcome of the AGM, you could have come along as a member, just as I did. 

This sort of stuff is normally published, in due course, in the members areas of the forum . I don’t think that you are a member of the OC [at least you are not logged on as one—


If you are a member, please contact Ramsay (01mx5), and we can investigate why your forum account is not linked


No angst. No conspiracy. No lazyness


I really do recognise that the Club is run by volunteers and they give many hours of unpaid time.  Been there done that in the past.(Not with OC tho)


However in the modern era ( forums,email etc) I am disappointed and I suppose frustrated that communication is not better.


However the REALLY important thing is that The Club has raised so much money for Help the Hereos…well done to all.









Maybe therein lies the problem…I have been a member for several years!!  And just got a reminder for my subscription.



G’day mate

Give Ramsay a call, PM him as suggested in my last post, you don’t show up on the forum as a member—

I had a quick check at the time - membership expired at the start of the month (as he said “just got a reminder for my subscription” - which is odd, they are usually sent out around 2 months before).

The accounts are linked fine, so once the membership is renewed, the forum will automatically reflect the change.