Help with Sport Graphite - had a respray?

Hi, new to MX5 scene and been looking at some Sport Graphite models as a possible purchase

Seen two on Mazda Used currently but they look totally different shades of blue. Am comparing these two cars:

Surely the difference isn’t purely down to the sunlight, second one also has no badges by the indicators and has black wheels (understand could have been owners choice to get them sprayed black), but it has the limited edition numbered sticker on the dash.

On the first link above shouldn’t the badges be above the indicators as shown on photo 8 here?

Any views/input appreciated. Also anything I should look out for on this model too? Cheers.


They are both the genuine Special Edition cars.

From what I understand badges were installed by dealers. Not at the factory. Whilst I believe Mazda uk gave guidance as to where they should be placed dealers just stuck them on wherever they thought best. My kuro badges are below the indicator my mates above. I’ve seen some behind and some cars without. Usually removed by owners who prefer the cleaner look.

Bear in mind that Mazda Uk carry almost zero stock of special edition badges so there is logically a chance that the front end of the 2nd car has had a respray and the old badges were binned but I doubt it.

Sunlight changes the colour of my kuro dramatically I suspect this is the same effect here.

As drumtochty says both are genuine sport graphites

I thought that dealers would probably have to add the badges (friend had similar experience with (missing) Abarth exterior trim interior/exterior bits a couple of years ago).

Thanks for the replies guys puts my mind at ease.