Hi all - BRG V Spec Turbo fresh resto story Wakefield

Hi everyone , im a long time Mx5 owner ( 6 years , seems long to me ) i started off with a very standard red 1990 G reg 1.6 and through the years completely ruined it with wide wheels, slammed chinese coilovers , bolt on bits and you get the picture…
In 2018 i pulled the engine and etc and overhauled the 1.6 short nose crank, adding a turbo, ecu, replaced all the oil seals etc etc etc , spent a small fortune and many nights covered in oil and tangled in wires but finally got her up and running, had a blast through the summer of 2019 with only a modified base map to go on but it was fun if not completely horrid to drive.
This year i took her for MOT and although my guy is understanding he refused to give her another year due to the tin worm , We looked under the car and you could put your fingers through the sills , floor and chasis rails.
Id decided that id had enough and couldn’t afford to fix it all so decided to sell the car for the price of the turbo parts.
Sure enough a guy came and bought it to use in another shell and i wept inside as he drove away !
a few weeks later he asked me a few wiring questions and sent me a pic of the car.
Guess what ive fallen in love again with it , A freshly restored BRG ! with my Turbo engine !
So here i go , Ive bought it back , Ive finished it and finally taken it for mapping at Rotory Revs in West Yorkshire, Ive decided to keep this as standard as possible from the outside as its a BRG V Special so gone for low boost because of the daisys and now has 180 bhp at 10 psi boost which is plenty for fun but not too much so it doesnt spin the wheels all the time like before
So hope you guys like her and ive joined the club to keep me sane along the way

old girl

Cheers James


Little Stealth bomber James.
Mine looks more like it should go like yours.
Yours looks like it should only go like mine actually does… :smiley:


Stunning !! :astonished:

Very nice mate ! like the wheels they suit it well

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Cheers reggie !

keep it stock looking.

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