Hi all, From Wiltshire

Haven’t said hello on my specific region yet!

So hi all!

Had my MK2 for 3-4weeks now and very much enjoying it

I’m in Wiltshire, this was taken outside of a local English Heritage site “Farleigh Castle”



Welcome. Lovely looking car. Is it a 2.5 sport?
Used to pass Farleigh Castle many years ago when visiting family in Trowbridge

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That’s another lovely photo. You definitely have an eye for a setting.

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Hi there! Indeed it is a 2.5 sport!

Really enjoying it :slight_smile: funnily enough, Trowbridge is where I live now!

Thanks :slight_smile: it’s a photogenic car tbf

Well, I’m a bit biased towards the NBs.

Welcome to the Western region, we hail from Melksham.

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Nice :+1: born and raised in Melksham!

Me too

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Excellent :+1:

I’ll keep an eye out for you all on the road :slight_smile:

Is Tidworth still in Wiltshire?

Welcome to the madhouse !

I’m in Frome, so the other side of the border really !

Have fun with your car (I’m sure you will). If I see your motor outside The Poplars at Wingfield, I might pop in and say hello. Lovely place, as I’m sure you’ve found out already.

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HI Matt

Looks a nice motor.