Hi all, new here

Evening All

Have just become a member and have just bought Mazda MX5 MK2NB 1998.

And I have falling in love with her! I know she is 20 years old but has been looked after pretty well.

Anyone in the Poole area? Have seen quite a few around.


Hello and welcome to the forum, I’m sure you will enjoy your MX-5

hi and welcome.fantastic part of the world.have a great summer zooming.

Hello and welcome to miles of fun 

Hi Aho, 

There certainly are quite a lot of MX5 OC members in the Poole Area and surroundings.

  The Wessex Area meet up 3 times each month - although this time of year sometimes more.  We have a monthly newsletter which is emailed to Wessex members which has details of all the events coming up as well as write ups and photos of past events.  


We would  be pleased to have you join in and meet up with like minded people.  If you need any more information please contact the Wessex Area Coordinator, Harvey Ringrose.  If you received the Bi -monthly national magazine “Soft Top Hardtop” when you joined the OC.  Harvey`s email address is listed with the Wessex Area information.

I hope these few details are useful.






Afternoon Jonal.

Wasnt sure how to contact in the correct way.

Thankyou will email him tonight.



Hi and welcome on board… 

I am thinking of joining too.  Not sure how active the club is in Wessex area?  How many people meet up regularly? 

There is a large gathering at Beaulieu on 16th September, buy a ticket online.

Hello DorsetMike,

The Wessex Area is pretty active with most of the Wessex events getting between 20 -40 members participating.  Last Saturday 17 Wessex mx5s were at the Wings & Wheels Show at Henstridge, Somerset.

Most of the members live in Dorset and surroundings (Poole, Blandford, Bournemouth) although a few live further afield (Romsey, Winchester, Salisbury)

If you read the post I sent in reply to Aho in this thread it gives you more information.  I suggest you do the same as Aho and contact the Wessex Area Coordinator, Harvey Ringrose, who will be more than pleased to welcome you to the Wessex Area of the MX5 Owners Club.  His contact details are in the Softop Hardtop national magazine.





I went to the Tuesday 7th August clubnight, and really enjoyed the drive. Parked up in the lawn of the pub,as directed.  Sat with really nice folk! Had dinner) Just a shame I was told to get my car out of the way of a couple of ladies when I got to my little girl when we left. ( I was getting my phone on to get me back home again.)

I arrived before them and I parked accordingly. Ok I have an old 20 year old. But … ( As a new member  and my first drive with them???)

All I can say Sad.


The age of your car does not and should not matter and if you arrived before them I guess they double parked or something? Manners are often forgotten, please do not let this put you off.