Hi all, new owner from Brackley

Hi all,

new member from Brackley here. Got my MX-5 NC 1.8 in late January and I just love to take it for a drive on a sunny weekend. Have already completed about 1600 miles in it. It’s my first car, because I’ve never had the need for a car before due to sufficient public transportation in my former home town Aachen, Germany. But here in Brackley it’s almost impossible to not have car, so I thought why not go with a fun option. In fact I even had the car before I had a flat to live in, and my first V5C was registered to the AirBnB I stayed in at the time.

I love working on the car, have done all the maintenance myself. Did an oil/filter change, refurbished the headlights, replaced screeching auxiliary belt, gear/diff fluid change, cleared the drain holes and installed new front brakes because the old calipers were sticking. Changed the aftermarket wheels that were mounted when I bought it back to a set of original refurbished wheels as it needed new tyres anyway. How boring (and cheaper…) would it have been if I had bought a perfectly good car with full service history that I couldn’t have done any work on :smile:

Just joined the OC last week, the car already had an OC sticker on it so maybe one of the previous owners is even on this forum.




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Hello and Welcome

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Welcome from a fellow Brackley resident!

Will keep an eye out for you - I will be in the Red NC with a slightly too loud exhaust!

Welcome both to MX5 ownership and to Brackley!

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Welcome, I’m a newbie from Northampton so may see you around. Happy driving, they are amazing aren’t they