hi all

HI all

thought id introduce myself

nickname is artherdaily, actual name is david

used to be a club member 6  ish years ago and very active

now on the look out for a MX-5 , but a very cheap one with sensible miles

as i have plans for it

anyway nice to be here

Hi and welcome back to the fold

Hi Arthurdaily,

Welcome back, hope you get a car soon…

Can remember your mk1 with the supercharger ? Can you remember
Putting it through it’s paces on the rolling road in Boldon.


yeah boldon
and it was turbo’ed
160 bhp with dodgy fueling, which created a massive flat spot from 3800 rpm up
once i got the fuel sorted it was much better and just short of 200bhp
im in no rush to buy a car as im only after the engine gearbox and rear end to put into another car
going back into the car trade a garage that specialise in JDM cars, so will be all over all the forums now, all of them