Hi all

I have been a member of the owners club for a while and go on the forum often , but i have just found this part of the website, 

i live in Eston  in Middlesbrough , when do the local run outs start , cheers 

welcome to the forum

hello and welcome pub meets every second wednesday of the month 3 locations you will be close to south pub meet at maltby Stockton on tees , lots of runs for this year if you are on Facebook go onto Tyne tees mx5 forum most dates put on there . You could email our admin Dave he also sends emails out on events etc . Look forward to meeting you I live Newbottle between Sunderland and durham just off A19 and A1 hope this helps someone I am sure  will come on and put some links on for you I am hopeless at that stuff regards Richy top down always 

Hi Top Gun, yer any info would be great , i do not have facebook but if you can give me the email address of Dave that would be great ,

thanks again,