Hi from a returnee

Hi all, we have returned to the club after a year off. We bought an RF in '17 and swapped it in Septemer for a '19 plate covertable. Sure looks like things have changed in the area over that time. Look forward to meeting up with everyone when this pesky Covid things eases up.


Hello and welcome back… I got my first MX-5, a 2018 ND2 last July, and like others looking forward to some meets when this wretched Covid-19 eases a bit…! Used to get up to North Wales years ago and enjoy some great roads… Was in a Mazda, but sadly not an MX-5, but a 1981 323GT hatchback!!

Welcome back! What made you go for the convertible instead of another RF?

Hi Stephen and welcome back. :slight_smile:

fingers crossed we can meet you soon


Ian… Hi, we wanted to buy a new 2.0 model for the extra bhp. I decided the new cars were just too expensive, got a fab deal on a one year old higher hp convertable through an independant. Not many newer cars about.

I am amazed how different it is to drive - still can’t decide if that is the different engine characteristics or that the car is balanced differently. Or a bit of both.

Love the new one as much as the old one. But sadly need more miles to prove it!