Hi from Batley, West Yorks

Hi there,

Joined recently, on my second MX5 - a Mk3/NC - had a 1.8 Mk2 before which I loved but stupidly traded it for a Peugeot 206CC, which was great until the roof failed and the engine started running like a bag of nails.

Anyway, got a lovely 2.0 Icon last November and I love it even more, less “raw” perhaps, but just as involving and QUICKER!

Just got the hard top - soon to be wrapped in carbon fibre vinyl - winter wheels and tyres, and foglights to go on at next service then I will spend NO MORE on it.

No really…



I will be interested in your experience with wrapping, are you doing it yourself?

I have a PRHT with faded paint on the moving roof and thinking about wrapping in graphite or carbon effect.

Ooh will be interested to see what your wrap looks like when its done :slight_smile:

Welcome from other side of WY in Holmfirth.

Leave it red then I will notice you,just up the road from you in Gawthorpe Ossett.Welcome

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No, a friend’s father in law has a business doing wraps so he’s doing it, unfortunately he’s got a 5 week waiting list ATM…

I’ll be putting up a photo, I’m sure

Thanks, good to “meet” you :grinning:

I had a dark blue Mk2 with a silver top and that looked OK. red on blue looks weird - and a bit TOO distinctive… :rofl:

5 week lead time… sounds like a good business to be in!

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