Hi from deepest essex

Hello everyone, just brought a 1.8 94 na in red. Used to have a mk2 years ago which was followed by a mk3 folding hardtop. Thought I’d keep going and try the mk1.
Loving it, its amazing how they can make you feel like your going fast when your not.
I had a 3 litre z4 after the last mx5 but the five is just more fun at sensible speeds.


Hi and welcome back to MX5 ownership !

“the five is more fun at sensible speeds…they can make you feel like you’re going fast when you’re not”

Totally agree, and that’s a major factor in their success. Welcome, and have fun, fun, fun!!!

Hi, and welcome, from another Rural Essex member


hi and glad you are back with us.

Hi, hope you manage to keep the speeds sensible so you can keep enjoying your five lol.
Welcome to the club!

Hi cosmobod and other club members, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jim and I just became a club member yesterday. I like cosmobod am from north Essex. I bought my third mx5 in February and thought it was about time I joined the club.

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