Hi from manningtree Essex

Just bought a 54 plate mx5, lots to do but had no idea how fun these are to drive


Hi Andrew!
I’m from Basildon, Essex. Loads of fun these cars and fairly easy to customize. Well worth keeping an eye on the usual rust hot spots. Enjoy your new car!

Hi and welcome !

Yeah this has the rust, but I’m able to address

I’m from North Essex, welcome, and yes, they are great fun to drive, especially on sunny days with the Lid Hid, …Enjoy


A lovely looking car… my favourite colour :+1:

Enjoy and welcome.
The country lanes beckon

North Essex (Colchester) have a social meeting at The Cricketers, Fordham Heath on 3rd Wednesday every month. We go along to eat at 6.30pm or come for a chat at 8. You are welcome to join us

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Welcome Andy.
Know what you mean my brother came round with his pearlescent white ND
Gave the wife a spin and let her drive it.
Three weeks later she blew some of the kids inheritance on an ND ICON model.
No regrets it’s opened a whole new social world to us as well as being the greatest roadster on the planet

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