Hi new first time owner in north Hampshire

Hi all , My son and I have just purchased our 2002 MK2.5 sport and after looking on here we are about to embark on a journey of rust repair and diff hunting. Cheers Luke


Hi and welcome aboard Luke.
Good luck with your repair work. I hope you find time to share the ongoing progress with us here. It’s always enjoyable and informative to watch these projects unfold.

Welcome to the madness!:joy: I’m based in Aldershot.

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Hello and welcome from Nottinghamshire…

Hi and welcome to a labour of love

Looks good, welcome!

@LukeDuke , Hi Luke welcome to the club, my wife and I belong to the Solent Region, and like many members from across all regions looking forward to restarting go to events…


Welcome :+1:


Welcome, from South Hampshire

Hi Luke
Welcome and good luck with the project , it will be worth it :grinning::+1: